2018 Presentations

1st ALDOT Precast Pavement Installation I-165 SB Service Road at US 90 Ramp
Alternative Technical Concepts for the CBD Project
Birmingham’s Railroad Park – Reuse of Urban Properties and Associated Economic Benefits
Creating a Vision Zero Action Plan
E-Construction – Efficiency Through Innovation
Examples of How Other States Implement P3
Ground Improvement Support for an MSE Wall
Innovation Used in Addressing Utility Conflicts on the Birmingham CBD Project
Interchange Deceleration Lane Design Based on Naturalistic Driving Speed and Deceleration Rates
Introducing ALDOT’s UAS Section – An Introduction to Drone Technology
Investigation on Cross-Frame Behavior in Steel Girder Bridges
Iowa’s Automated Corridor
Kelly Creek Foundation Problems
Lyndi Davis Blackburn Opening Remarks – Paving Quality Advances and Preservation
NEXT Beam Bridge Applications
Nondestructive Testing to Assess the In-Place Condition of Bridge Decks
P3 Development of the I-10 Mobile River Bridge
Promoting Cycling, Pedestrian, and Bus Rapid Transit in Huntsville
Quality Control Behind the Paver Using IR Technology
Rapid GPR Technology to Measure Asphalt Density
Reconstruction of I-85 Bridges in Atlanta
Scour Inspection of Bridges after Hurricane Harvey
Sharing Riders – How Bikesharing Impacts Bus Ridership in New York
Strategies to Minimize the Impact of Roadway Culverts on the Mobility of Aquatic Species
The Atlanta Beltline
The Infiltration Swale – An ALDOT LID Practice
Ultra-High Performance Concrete and its Use for Accelerated Bridge Construction
Use of an Autonomous Impact Attenuator in Colorado
Work Zone Safety – Lane Intrusion Technology
Work Zone Safety Using Emerging Technologies

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