About this Conference

The Alabama Roadway Safety Conference (previously Rural Road Safety Conference) is designed to strengthen knowledge of available tools, countermeasures, and processes to improve safety on your roads. The ARSC will highlight methods to identify road safety issues and appropriate countermeasures by utilizing real world examples and activities, which will prepare participants to apply the concepts learned to roadway operations and maintenance. Participants will also learn how to identify safety issues as well as develop and apply low cost solutions using proven countermeasures. Peer networking during the Conference will provide opportunities for discussion of various safety challenges and potential solutions, as well as a Vendor Show that will run the entirety of the conference.  The ARSC is being hosted by ALDOT Traffic and Safety Operations Section in the Design Bureau, along with the Alabama Department of Transportation Program at Auburn University, and the Federal Highway Administration.

– Alternative Intersection Design
– CARE Portal
– Drowsy Driving
– Dynamic Driver Feedback Signs
– GIS in Transportation Safety
– High Risk Rural Roads
– Local Road Safety Plan Manual
– Medical Response to Crashes
– Pedestrian Safety
– Regional Traffic Operations
– Roadway Departure Countermeasures
– Safety in Transportation Planning


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