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Into the Lab: Mechanical

Nanostructure-enhanced phase change materials (NePCM) represent a new class of thermal storage substances composed of colloidal dispersions in the nano-size range. Faculty member Jay Khodadadi, Alumni professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering, is conducting research that focuses on thermal conductivity enhancement of alkanes – commonly called paraffins – by […]

by × June 22, 2011 ×

Into the Lab: Polymer and Fiber

Xinyu Zhang, assistant professor in the department, has developed a one-step oxidative templating strategy to prepare large quantities of two-dimensional nanostructures from conducting polymers. Conducting polymers are a group of materials, possessing both metallic and plastic properties, which can also be called organic metals or synthetic metals. Zhang and colleagues […]

by × June 22, 2011 ×

And the award goes to …

In February, two outstanding Auburn Engineering alumni, Bill Cutts and Dick Smith, were inducted into the prestigious State of Alabama Engineering Hall of Fame. William J. (Bill) Cutts, a 1955 industrial management graduate and pioneer in the field of tanks and vessels, is president and CEO of American Tank & […]

by × June 15, 2011 ×