AAEC History

In the spring of 1965, Charles Weaver, professor of electrical engineering, gave a speech to the Electrical Engineering Society in Louisville, Ky. Following the meeting he met with Kirk Newell, chairman of the General Electric Company, to discuss possible ways in which engineering alumni could assist in the development of Auburn Engineering.

Upon his return to campus, Weaver approached Fred H. Pumphrey, dean of the School of Engineering, about the possible organization of an alumni advisory group. Pumphrey liked the idea and worked with Weaver and Newell to launch the organization. A meeting of interested alums was called on October 9, 1965 to discuss the proposed advisory and working group.

As a result of this session, Tom Hobart was appointed chairman of a working group to start planning and establishing goals. A proposed constitution was prepared, reviewed and approved. The first annual meeting of the council was held on May 14, 1966 – “A Day”.

In 1968, a revised “Organization and Operating Procedures” was adopted, which increased membership of the council to 20 members with the period of service extended to five years.

Today’s Auburn Alumni Engineering Council meets twice a year, in the spring and fall. In addition, true to the group’s original vision, working committees advise the college on specific issues throughout the year. Standing committees include academic/assessment, executive, finance and investment, fund development, governmental affairs, public relations, research, and student recruitment/activities.