Executive Committee

Chair: Kenneth Kelly
Vice Chair: Brad Christopher

Ken Smith – Academics and Student Experience
Jack Waddey –  Research
Walt Woltosz  – Past Chair
Maury Gaston  – Nominating, Second Past Chair
Gerald Pouncey – Development
Ashley Robinett – At Large
Anne Cleary – Public Relations
Zeke Smith – Government Affairs
Jim Cooper – At Large
Carol Godfrey – At Large
Melissa Herkt – Young Alumni Council Liaison
Larry Monroe – At Large
Jeff Stone – Capital Campaign Committee

Administrative Leads
Christopher B. Roberts – Dean
Margaret Arnold  – Senior Director of Development
Maria Auad – Associate Dean for Graduate Studies and Faculty Development
Jeff Fergus – Associate Dean for Program Assessment and Undergraduate Studies
David Hennessey – Director of Administration, Business and Finance
Janet Moore  Assistant Dean for Student Services
Austin Phillips – Director of Communications and Marketing
Edwin Lewis  Senior Advisor to the Dean
Steve Taylor – Associate Dean for Research