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We must protect this house

As the world we live in continues to evolve and remarkable technological advancements drive society forward, the College of Engineering is doing its part to protect the security of our infrastructure through the establishment of the Charles D. McCrary Institute. The institute focuses on several areas of key research and is tasked with developing next-generation…

Avoiding a Dickens of a cyber surprise

If Charles Dickens were alive today, he might have purchased “A Tale of Two Cities” at Target as a Christmas gift, renovated his bathroom with vintage plumbing from Home Depot, bid for Victorian memorabilia on eBay and sought investment advice from JPMorgan Chase. In keeping with the vast majority of all adults in the U.S….

Securing a virtual world

HOW MUCH PERSONAL INFORMATION DO YOU HAVE STORED ON THE INTERNET? Think about how many times you have entered your phone number, address and even your social security number into an online bill payment, application or form. Auburn Engineering is responding to a crisis facing the United States – the country’s need for digital forensic…