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Transportation Research U.

Thanks to the reputation of the units under the Auburn University Transportation Research Institute’s umbrella, extramural funding for transportation is greater than any other single topic within Auburn University’s research footprint.

Mentors in the Making

Alumni serve as important role models for current and future Auburn Engineering students. Read how these African American alumni are using their stories to help the next generation see what is possible with their engineering degree.

The Cornhole King

“Representing Auburn was awesome. But never in a million years would I have thought it would have been through cornhole.”

The Pathfinder

Steve Taylor, associate dean for research, doesn’t remember them all; a lot of students passed through biosystems during his days heading the department. But he remembers Jessica Mills.

125 Years of Auburn’s X-Ray Vision

The untold story of Auburn Engineering’s pioneering role in the scientific breakthrough that changed the world.

Auburn Makes (A Difference)

How Auburn Engineering’s fight against Covid-19 inspired a new era of campus collaboration

Structural Integrity

America has an infrastructure problem.

Auburn now has a $22 million solution. It’s at the corner of West Samford Avenue and Shug Jordan Parkway, it’s nearly 42,000 square feet, and it’s spectacular.

A Family Within the Auburn Family

This is what the National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE) has become for so many Black students in the Samuel Ginn College of Engineering.

A New Era of Spaceflight

It’s no surprise that many Auburn Engineering alumni played key roles in making the Commercial Crew Program a reality.

Rapid Response

Auburn engineers have faced the COVID-19 pandemic head-on.