Category: It’s My Job

It’s My Job: Steve Hamilton

“Auburn taught me how to think rationally and problem solve. My ability to analyze systems guides the way that I approach each case, the way that I visualize the problems to be solved and the way that I plan each step of my procedures.”

It’s My Job: Eddie Seay

He didn’t invent the chicken sandwich. Just the chicken sandwich app.

It’s My Job: Katelyn Rheinlander

Katelyn Rheinlander spends her days solving problems at the largest Frito-Lay facility in North America.

5 Minutes with Jan Davis

“Every flight I took something from Auburn.”

It’s My Job: John Carter

“We help teams shoot the basketball better.”

Frank Cilluffo poses on the campus of Auburn University.

5 Minutes with Frank Cilluffo

Frank Cilluffo has helped position Auburn as the new national leader in cyber research.

It’s My Job: Rose-Gaëlle Belinga

“At Morgan Stanley, I work in the Mobile Engineering team and also lead several projects.”

It’s My Job: Herbie Johnson

Herbie Johnson ’94 Civil Engineering General Manager of Southern Company, Hydrogeneration Before Auburn… Out of high school, I went into the military. It gave me discipline and the chance to figure out that I wanted to get a college education. My father and grandfather built houses, so I always had an interest in construction. That…

5 Minutes With Victoria Jordan

Victoria Jordan grew up in Auburn and returned in her early career to pursue her master’s degree in industrial (’87) and her doctorate (’06). She credits that experience to building her passion for process improvement. Vice president of quality at Emory Healthcare, she also serves as performance improvement and analytics director for the Kennedy Initiative…

It’s my job: Basima Abdulrahman

Basima Abdulrahman Master’s ’14 Civil Engineering Founder, KESK As a child… I was exposed to a diverse range of cultures. My parents migrated from Southern Turkey to Baghdad, Iraq, so I was born and raised with proximity to Iraqi Arabs while also having my Kurdish and Turkish heritage. The conflict in Iraq in 2006 caused…