Posted 11-10-2018: Congratulations! Amit successfully defended his PhD work, now Dr. Nautiyal!

Posted 10-25-2018: Engineering Graduate Research Showcase

Posted 08-01-2018: Congratulations Dr. Cook!

Posted 09-01-2016: Congratulations! Dr. Zhen Liu started his new position in Frostburg State University as an Assistant Professor.

Posted 05-15-2016: Congratulations! Mr. Holland Bankston has won Auburn University Undergraduate Research Fellowship!

Posted 8-17-2015: Congratulations! Mr. Jonathan Cook received First Place Award (College of Engineering) from the 2015 Graduate Engineering Research Showcase and Mr. Amit Nautiyal received Department Awards for Polymer and Fiber Engineering.

Posted 11-10-2016: Group photo out side of Ross.

Posted 8-17-2015: Dr. Zhang joined in Chemical Engineering, and his office moved to Ross Hall.

Posted 4-15-2015: Congratulations! Mr. Jonathan Cook just successfully defended his research for a Masters degree in Polymer and Fiber Engineering!

Posted 08-10-2014: Congratulations Dr. Poyraz!

Posted 6-24-2014: Congratulations! Mr. Selcuk Poyraz just successfully defended his research, Dr. Poyraz now

Posted 11-21-2013: Congratulations! Mr. Selcuk Poyraz won the Student Paper Competition in Fall 2013 conference.

Posted 6-25-2013: Congratulations! Mr. Selcuk Poyraz won the competition in The Alabama Experimental Program to Stimulate Competitive Research (ALEPSCoR) Graduate Research Scholars Program (GRSP) Round 8.

Posted 6-1-2013: Congratulations! Dr. Zhang’s technology and startup company won the final round in Alabama Launchpad:

Posted 4-26-2013: Congratulations! Dr. Zhang has been awarded Associate Professor with Tenure!

Posted 4-24-13: Congratulations! Mr. Selcuk Poyraz was selected as the Outstanding International Graduate Students in College of Engineering.

Posted 4-22-13: Congratulations! Mr. Selcuk Poyraz won the 3rd place in poster competition in Auburn Research Week.

Posted 7-30-12: Congratulations! Dr. Zhen Liu was awarded by China Scholarship Council as the 2011 Chinese Government Award for Outstanding Self-Financed Students Abroad.

Posted 5-17-12: Dr. Zhang was invited to give talks in Lanzhou University, Northwest Normal University, Lanzhou University of Technology, Southwest Petroleum University, Chengdu Green Energy and Green Manufacturing Technology R&D Center, and Central Research Institute of Dongfang Electric.

Posted 4-27-12: Congratulations! Dr. Zhen Liu was selected as the Auburn University’s Top International Graduate Student!

Posted 4-10-12: Congratulations! Dr. Zhen Liu was selected as the Auburn University’s Outstanding Doctoral Student!

Posted 4-10-12: Congratulations! Dr. Zhen Liu was selected for the Outstanding Overseas Chinese Student Scholarship!

Posted 3-5-12: Zhen just successfully defended his PhD dissertation! Congratulations Dr. Liu (middle)!

Posted 11-25-11: Congratulations! Dr. Zhang’s invited paper “Recent Advances in Microwave Initiated Synthesis of Nanocarbon Materials” has been accepted by Nanoscale.

Posted 10-25-11: Congratulations! Mr. Zhen Liu’s manuscript “Seeding approach to noble metal decorated conducting polymer nanofiber network” has been accepted by Nanoscale.

Posted 10-18-11: Congratulations! Mr. Yang Liu (middle) successfully defended his Master’s thesis!

Posted 07-21-11: Congratulations! Mr. Zhen Liu’s manuscript “Poptube approach for ultrafast carbon nanotube growth ” has been accepted by Chemical Communications.

Posted 02-24-11: Congratulations! Mr. Zhen Liu’s manuscript “Green-Nano Approach to Nanostructured Polypyrrole” has been accepted by Chemical Communications.

Posted 02-01-11: Congratulations! Dr. Xinyu Zhang has been selected for the AU-IGP award.

Posted 11-05-10: Congratulations! Mr. Selcuk Poyraz (middle) successfully defended his Masters’ Thesis!

Posted 09-01-10: Congratulations! Mr. Zhen Liu’s manuscript “Oxidative Template for Conducting Polymer Nanoclips” has been published on Journal of the American Chemical Society:

Posted 08-27-10: Mr. Zhen Liu in ACS national meeting in Boston, MA, August 2010

Posted 08-17-10: NSF summer camp 2010

Posted 08-05-10: Group photos summer 2010

Posted 04-30-10: Dr. Zhang was just awarded by NSF:

Posted 03-04-10: Engineering Day photo

Posted 08-14-09: Mr. Martin Pfeiffer (middle) successfully presented his summer research to the group

Posted 06-15-09: Welcome Mr. Martin Pfeiffer from University of Karlsruhe, Germany, as a summer research intern
supported by DAAD-RISE program.

Posted 02-02-2009: One Ph.D. student position is available in the group, student will start at Fall 2009. Interested students may contact Dr. Zhang at  

Posted 01-06-2009: Welcome Mr. Zhen Liu and Mr. Selcuk Poyraz to join the group!

Posted 01-05-2009: Fellowship Program Available in Engineering School. The Samuel Ginn College of Engineering offers a variety of fellowship opportunities for qualified students: Dean’s Fellowship:  The prestigious Dean’s fellowships are offered by the college of engineering. They carry a minimum stipend of $32,000 per year plus tuition fellowship* and are renewable. College Fellowship: These fellowships are awarded to outstanding applicants throughout the college.  Fellowships carry a minimum stipend of $24,000 per year plus tuition fellowship* and are renewable. Departmental Fellowship:  Departmental Fellowships are offered to top candidates in each engineering department and carry minimum stipends of $20,000 per year plus tuition fellowship* and are renewable. Tuition Fellowships: Tuition Fellowships provide a full tuition waiver for a student with a 25 percent or greater full-time-equivalent (FTE) assignment.  Both graduate research assistants (GRAs) and graduate teaching assistants (GTAs) are eligible.

Posted 09-19-2008: One undergraduate student part-time job position is available immediately. Interested students from Polymer and Fiber Engineering may contact Dr. Zhang at, or stop by 233-D Textile Building to discuss the details.

Posted 09-19-2008: The official advertisement for Postdoctoral Fellow is available at the link below: Please follow the instructions and send all the documents needed for the application.

Posted 09-12-2008: One Ph.D. student position is available in the group, student can start as early as Spring 2009. Interested students may contact Dr. Zhang at  xinyu_zhang@auburn.eduFor the related application information, please send your request to Professor Gisela Buschle-Diller at