Into the Lab: Industrial and systems

Industrial and systems engineering faculty members Jerry Davis, Rich Sesek and Sean Gallagher have been awarded two grants totaling $1.5 million from the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) to support occupational safety and ergonomics and occupational injury prevention graduate programs in the department.

“We are very pleased that our peer-reviewed proposals have once again received meritorious scores and were approved for an additional five years of funding,” says Davis, who is the principal investigator for Auburn’s occupational safety and ergonomics training program, which received $1 million from NIOSH. “Our graduates have earned more than 50 master’s degrees or doctorates in industrial and systems engineering during the past five years. They acquire highly specialized knowledge in occupational and systems safety, ergonomics and human factors engineering.”

A second NIOSH grant for Auburn’s occupational injury prevention training program will provide $500,000 for an additional five years and be led by Gallagher. The funding will allow a cadre of doctoral students to study scientific principles of injury control and will help support student engineers learning the public health model of injury control.

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