Into the Lab: Electrical and Computer

Electrical and computer engineering seniors working in faculty member Lloyd Riggs’ mine detection lab are constructing a senior design project with major real-world objectives — an Autonomous Nautical Radiation Assessment Vessel, or ANRAV, that can be used for tracking radiation spills in the ocean and other bodies of water. Powered by solar energy, the autonomous boat is designed to measure radiation levels throughout a designated area and serve as a tracking tool for radioactive waste following a nuclear disaster. ANRAV’s navigation system uses inertial measurement and GPS to navigate and collect sensor data over vast geographic areas. Riggs’ team presented the system at ADTRAN’s senior design showcase in Huntsville  April 12. The ANRAV team consists of James Core, Antwan Evans, Katie Hamlin, James Hogg, Markus Kreitzer, Daniel Norton, Kyle Owen and Sarah Preston.

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