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Auburn Engineer WeekPerhaps known as the greatest week for all engineers, Feb. 22–28 marked National Engineers Week and the College of Engineering got in on the celebration. Each day that week, the college posted various questions on our social media sites relating to engineering and time spent on campus as an Auburn Engineering student. We received responses ranging from nostalgic to funny, and also heard advice we can all apply to our lives. See if you can relate to these answers and remember, it’s always great to be an Auburn engineer!Auburn Engineer Week2

“Around the world via the Navy then back home with Alabama Power. Both careers allow me to live the Auburn Creed. War Eagle!” – Jim Dorsten

“I hope my Auburn degree helps me open my own business, and that one day I am responsible for some of the greatest structures around the world!” – Coreyself23

“Commitment and teamwork from my chemical engineering lab. The projects we completed for classes required every ounce of both. Every task programmed us to research all possibilities and to use everyone involved. I love Auburn. I love Auburn Engineering. War Eagle!” – Donna Kuberg

Auburn Engineer Week3“Be bold, gracious and humble, but use your energy for the good and be bold.”
Carol Elsen Godfrey

“Say hi to that girl.” – Jesse Waters

“How you communicate is so important when working on cross-functional teams! Don’t Auburn Engineer Week4rely just on email or office communicator- sometimes it’s easier to just pick up the phone or walk to someone’s office to listen to questions or concerns and clear things up. Different departments have different perspectives and levels of understanding so make sure you communicate in a way they understand!” – Siobhan MacDonald

“You can learn math, physics and chemistry anywhere. I wanted to be at a place that would become my new home, and my son’s home as well (he graduated in May with an accounting degree).”
Tom Urbanowski

Auburn Engineer Week5“I chose Auburn specifically for the biosystems engineering department. For me it was a perfect blend of biology, environmental science and engineering, and the program made me excited about my career choice. I was actually introduced to biosystems at Auburn University at an E-Day almost 10 years ago. Wouldn’t change it for the world.”
Lindsay Tucker


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