Dean Chris Roberts presents an award to a student.

Excellence and achievement

Andrea Walker

The Samuel Ginn College of Engineering held its annual Spring Awards Ceremony in April, presenting 30 student awards, 19 faculty awards and 10 alumni awards, in addition to honoring 48 faculty members who hold named professorships and chairs.

“These Auburn engineers have demonstrated excellence in teaching, research, academics and their careers,” said Christopher B. Roberts, dean of engineering. “Having successful students, faculty and alumni is one barometer of an institution’s quality, and these award recipients demonstrate why Auburn Engineering is becoming one of the nation’s top engineering colleges.”


Frank Vandegrift Co-op Award

Andrea Walker, Computer Engineering 

Fred and mary Lou Birdsong Study
Abroad Scholarships

Jessica Collier, Mechanical Engineering 

Isabel Perry, Mechanical Engineering 

100+ Women Strong Undergraduate
Leadership Awards

Alysa Gauci, Biosystems Engineering

Katelyn Jenkins, Mechanical Engineering 

100+ Women Strong Graduate
Leadership Awards

Connor Lusk, Industrial and Systems Engineering 

Tharikaa Ramesh Kumar, Aerospace Engineering 

100+ Women Strong Study Abroad Awards

Jessica Collier, Mechanical Engineering 

Morgan Price, Mechanical Engineering

100+ Women Strong Graduate Sudent

Morgan Ellis, Chemical Engineering 

Beijia Zhang, Civil Engineering

Alley Family Graduate Sudent
Leadership Fellowship

Michael Minkler, Chemical Engineering 

Engineering Student Organization Awards 

Society of Women Engineers, Most Outstanding
Engineering Student Organization

Theme Park Engineering Group, Most Improved
Engineering Student Organization 

Outstanding Student Awards 

Omkar Satish Mulekar, Aerospace Engineering 

Adam Behr, Biosystems Engineering 

Tyler Compher, Chemical Engineering 

Natalie Palmquist, Civil Engineering 

Jack Mullins, Computer Science 

Joseph Adams, Electrical and Computer Engineering 

Justin Aufderheide, Industrial and Systems Engineering 

Helen Steeve, Materials Engineering 

Sean Herrera, Mechanical Engineering 

Hunter Friday, Software Engineering 

Evan McCarthy, Wireless Engineering 

Samuel Ginn Outstanding Student Award

Sean Herrera, Mechanical Engineering 

Jeff and Linds Stone Leadership Awards 

Bailey Sullivan, Industrial and Systems Engineering 

James Harris, Materials Engineering 

Ben Ratliff, Mechanical Engineering 

Mark A. Spencer Creative Mentorship Award


Sean Herrera, Mechanical Engineering 


Michael Zabala, Mechanical Engineering 

Outstanding Faculty Award 

Vrishank Raghav, Aerospace Engineering 

Jonathan Davis, Biosystems Engineering

Jeffrey Horne, Chemical Engineering 

Molly Hughes, Civil Engineering 

Debswapna Bhattacharya, Computer Science

and Software Engineering  

Victor Nelson, Electrical and Computer Engineering 

Richard Sesek, Industrial and Systems Engineering 

Bart Prorok, Materials Engineering 

Michael Zabala, Mechanical Engineering 

Fred H. Pumphrey Teaching Award 

Michael Zabala, Mechanical Engineering 

William F. Walker Teaching Awards 


Asha-Dee Celestine, Aerospace Engineering 

Michael Zabala, Mechanical Engineering 


Rick Williams, Mechanical Engineering 

100+ Women Strong Leadership In Diversity Faculty/Staff Award

Daniela Marghitu, Computer Science and
Software Engineering 

Auburn Alumni Engineering Council Research Awards For Excellence

Junior Award

Yi Wang, Biosystems Engineering

Senior Awards

Sushil Adhikari, Biosystems Engineering

Xiao Qin, Computer Science and Software

Nima Shamsaei, Mechanical Engineering

Outstanding Alumni Awards

Leslie F. Kenne, Aerospace Engineering

Glenn Morgan, Biosystems Engineering

Linda DuCharme, Chemical Engineering

Max Mobley, Civil Engineering 

Jhilmil Jain, Computer Science and Software

David Mobley, Electrical and Computer Engineering 

Lester H. Killebrew, Industrial and Systems

Mihai Irimia-Vladu, Materials Engineering 

James G. Bagley, Mechanical Engineering 

Christopher Timpson, Polymer and Fiber Engineering