Be the Creed: Tylan Rudolph

I believe in honesty and truthfulness, without which I cannot win the respect and confidence of my fellow men.

In only his second year on campus, industrial and systems engineering sophomore Tylan Rudolph has already made a big impact.

To name a few of his accomplishments, Rudolph is a Student Government Association senator, student recruiter, vice president of the National Society of Black Engineers, is involved with the Center for Inclusive Engineering Excellence and founded the Student Model Legislature. He is also involved in political and business consulting and is in the process of starting a venture capitalist fund.

“I am a service-based leader,” Rudolph said. “I like to throw myself in the fire, watch everything burn away and what’s left standing is what’s true. What’s left standing, that’s what my calling is.”

Rudolph describes himself as a businessman and serial entrepreneur. When deciding on a major, he looked for a program that was business-related.

“I love creating new processes,” Rudolph said of his decision to study industrial and systems engineering. “I love looking to new ventures and finding new ways to do things. The common denominator for excellence and the common denominator for good people who came out of good programs was Auburn. So, I knew this was where I had to be.”

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