Be the Creed: Patrick Duke

I believe that this is a practical world and that I can count only on what I earn. Therefore, I believe in work, hard work.

As a graduate of Hueytown High School, Patrick Duke learned early the value of work, hard work.

The smallest Class 6A school in the state at the time, Hueytown was often pitted against much larger schools and communities with much deeper resources.

But that’s where a spirit that is not afraid was born.

“Hueytown, Alabama, is one of the greatest places ever. The people have a bond,” said Duke, ’99 civil engineering and managing director/Americas leader at Healthcare Project Advisory Solutions. “Growing up, we felt like we had to go the extra mile. It’s that mentality, that approach to life, that underdog role that I also associate with Auburn. It’s that chip on your shoulder.”

It’s with that mindset that Duke and his sister — who’s appropriately named Auburn — decided to start equipping underrepresented students with the tools and resources necessary to compete with any engineering graduate from across the county. The pair created the Janice Duke James Soaring Eagle Diversity Endowed Scholarship to honor their aunt, whose personal sacrifices allowed others in the family to chase their dreams. In addition, Duke also gives generously to the college’s Center for Inclusive Engineering Excellence.

Through his support, his hope is that students will have the ultimate Auburn experience like he did.

“I had more than an Auburn Family in college,” Duke said. “I had the support of my family, and I had an engineering family. I hope this scholarship opens doors and allows others to have the same opportunities I had.”

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