Wearable research

11194329245_4c642f3ec3_cFrank McCullough, adjunct professor in the Department of Polymer and Fiber Engineering, has been recognized for the high-tech, carbon-based fiber technology that he used to produce an affordable comfort management clothing system called Diamondown. He was recently awarded the 2013 R&D 100 Award by R&D Magazine.

The Diamondown clothing system is made from McCullough’s patented Carbtex Fiber used for clothing and thermal shielding. This technology blocks conductive and convective heat, as well as radiant energy transfer, and doubles the thermal resistance of any other polymer or natural product insulation.

Testing of the product was conducted in Auburn’s polymer and fiber engineering facilities, under the direction of David M. Hall.

“We are honored to receive such an award,” said McCullough. “We tested the product with hunters, military officers, skiers and mushers in the famous Alaskan Iditarod . . . they were all astonished by its quality, durability and comfort.”

McCullough has previously been recognized with advanced material technology awards for Curlon aircraft insulation and NuGard cut-resistant hand and arm protection.

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