ErgoDivasThe ErgoDivas, Auburn University’s ergonomics team, took top honors among 36 teams from across the U.S. and the world to win the 7th Annual Ergonomics Design Competition. The competition consisted of teams assessing ergonomic hazards in assigned work tasks and identifying solutions to those hazards. The event was divided into three areas: a preliminary problem, lightening round problem and a design charrette. Using eTools Shop ergonomic software, developed by Auburn engineers, teams created online solutions. A panel of judges consisting of a group of professional ergonomists from around the world evaluated each team’s work.

The ErgoDivas consist of five women from the Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering: Brittani Edwards, Neely Ketzler, Menglu Li, Menske Salar and Viviana Valenzuela. The group examined and developed solutions for the ergonomic hazards of working chefs, as well as those of handling furniture and other household items during a move. The prize was a trip to the Applied Ergonomics Conference in Orlando where the ErgoDivas were recognized for their top award.

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