Auburn leads $2 million DOE project maximizing fuel economy

Yi Wang
Yi Wang

Auburn University researchers are leading a $2 million U.S. Department of Energy project with the potential to improve fuel efficiency and economy. The project, led by principal investigator and assistant professor of biosystems engineering Yi Wang, will create a bio-based fuel additive that can be blended with diesel fuel to reduce soot and greenhouse gas emissions and yield cleaner engine operation in cold-weather conditions.

The project is one of 42 totaling $80 million awarded by the DOE to support advanced vehicles technologies research. Approximately $10.1 million of the funding will support six projects, including the one led by Auburn, focusing on the co-optimization of engines and fuels.

Other collaborators include Cornell University, the University of Alabama, Virginia Tech and corporate partners Microvi Biotech Inc. and EcoEngineers.

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