Travis Taylor: Rocket City Redneck

Travis Taylor: Moonshine Rocket Fuel

Years before he was performing homemade experiments using beer cans and plywood for National Geographic Channel’s new show, “Rocket City Rednecks,” Travis Taylor was attending classes in Parker and Broun Hall, building the foundation in engineering that would lead him to a career with the Army, Department of Defense and NASA in his hometown of Huntsville. Taylor, a 1991 electrical engineering alum who also earned a bachelor’s degree in physics from Auburn, has written numerous science fiction novels, technical papers and textbooks, and has appeared in several television documentaries before landing his own show based on the engineering know-how and creativity that he, his father, nephew, best friend and brother-in-law all possess.

Taylor’s tips for Auburn Engineering students:

“Get off the couch, put away the Xbox, and start tinkering with something and try to solve a problem,” says Taylor. “At least take a stab at it. Even if you don’t solve anything, you are still learning something.”


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