Department Highlights Fall 2021

Auburn University is committing unprecedented levels of support for research across the Auburn campus, bolstering engineering research programs that have long been on the ascendancy. These departmental highlights offer a snapshot into the groundbreaking research being performed by Auburn Engineering faculty.

Aerospace Engineering: Stopping the Spread
To better understand the spread of infectious diseases, assistant professor Vrishank Raghav is considering the underlying turbulent flow physics at play.




Biosystems Engineering: Supporting Family Farms Through Poultry Research
Research conducted at the National Poultry Technology Center helps Alabama’s family farmers with profitable decision-making tools.




Chemical Engineering: Personalized Medicine Through Therapeutic Proteins
With a research award, assistant professor Robert Pantazes is researching therapeutic proteins aimed at personalizing medicine to an individual’s needs




Civil and Environmental Engineering: Preventing Soil Piping and Landslides
Assistant professor Jack Montgomery plans to evaluate the relationship between soil piping and landslides with a National Science Foundation CAREER award.




Computer Science and Software Engineering: Shedding Light on Dark Protein Families
Assistant professor Debswapna Bhattacharya investigates “dark” protein families with a significant award from the National Institutes of Health.




Electrical and Computer Engineering: Encryption for the Quantum Age
In partnership with the Army, associate professor Mark Adams is supporting efforts to establish secure military communications using small satellites.




Industrial and Systems Engineering: Improving Technology Adoption in Manufacturing
The Interdisciplinary Center for Advanced Manufacturing aims to become a resource for small and medium manufacturers throughout the country.





Mechanical Engineering: Flexing Research Muscle in Electronics
Mechanical engineering professor Pradeep Lall uses additive manufacturing techniques to blaze trails in the field of flexible hybrid electronics.





Materials Engineering: Next Generation of Nuclear Technology
Auburn Engineering will utilize a Department of Energy award to expand the university’s existing nuclear research infrastructure.





Electrical and Computer Engineering: Keeping it Fresh
Assistant professor Yin Sun explores data freshness in his latest book, “Age of Information: A New Metric for Information Freshness.”





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