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Professional Development

Objective: Provide opportunities for young alumni to engage with current students and arm them with the necessary skills and experiences to further their professional development as they transition into the workforce. In the spring of 2021, the Young Alumni Council will host its first Backpack to Briefcase event, an annual spring connection where students will hear from a panel of young alumni professionals on how to easily enter into to their professional careers. The Professional Development Committee also hosts an annual Mock Interview event each fall, where young alumni interview current students to help them hone and prepare their interviewing skills.

Giving and Engagement

Objective: Increase giving participation rates among engineering young alumni. In particular, the committee focuses on the success of the University’s annual Tiger Giving Day. Young alumni make up much of the primary audience for Tiger Giving Day, and the annual fundraising event has seen tremendous participation each year. In 2020, all four engineering projects exceeded their fundraising goals. The Giving and Engagement committee works to ensure participation in this annual event, as well as provide information on how other young alumni can get engaged with their alma mater.

Networking Committee

Objective: Connect engineering young alumni by increasing attendance at regional young alumni events. The Networking Committee is coordinating young alumni social events in several key cities throughout the country.

Communications and Marketing

Objective: Improve young alumni engagement with the Samuel Ginn College of Engineering by increasing awareness of opportunities such as student engagement, networking with other young alumni and giving. The Communications and Marketing committee is responsible for achieving this objective through communications such as the Young Alumni Connection, the engineering young alumni website, social media campaigns and engineering young alumni profiles (featured on social media and the young alumni websites).

Mentoring Committee

Objective: Provide opportunities for young alumni to engage with current students through alumni mentoring.  The committee works alongside student leaders within the College of Engineering to create opportunities for student support and guidance.