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Jeremy Wiley

What brought you to Auburn and to your major?
Well, it’s kind of funny how I ended up at Auburn. I had no plans of going to Auburn and my high school counselor (Auburn Alum) convinced me that I should take a day trip to Auburn and just visit. I hesitated then agreed after I realized it counted as an excused High School Absence. I set up a tour with two other friends and instantly fell in love with the campus, and shortly after I attended Engineering Day with my Parents and was 100% sure I wanted to major in Chemical Engineering. I haven’t looked back since.

Tell me your story about your path since graduation regarding your career?
My major in Chemical Engineering led me to a career in the Energy and Utilities industry. After graduating, I accepted a position as an Environmental Engineer at Alabama Power Company in the same department where I interned. As an Environmental Engineer, the bulk of my job responsibilities were in the Water space and I loved every bit of it. While in Birmingham, I went back to school at University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) and completed my MBA degree. I stayed with Alabama Power Company for over 5 years and transitioned to where I am today, a Senior Consultant in the Energy and Utilities practice for West Monroe Partners. As a consultant, I am able to blend together my technical skills and business skills to help serve clients in developing cost-effective solutions.

How did your Auburn engineering education prepare you for what you are doing now?
Auburn Engineering prepared me by placing me in one of the hardest curriculums at Auburn University. I didn’t know what failure was, because it was never an option for me. I learned how to work hard, develop relationships, and navigate team dynamics. Lots of learning also took place outside of the classroom. Auburn provided a solid foundation for growth and I am forever thankful for that.

What advice would you give students at Auburn?
Pace yourself. I know that we all want to graduate in a timely matter but it’s just as important to gain experience and Co-op or Intern as much as you can. This is becoming more beneficial when trying to decide on what student should be hired over another. In addition to gaining experience, give yourself time to breathe and enjoy your Auburn Experience. Take advantage of all of the things outside of the classroom and join an organization that you are passionate about.

What is your favorite Auburn memory or War Eagle moment?
There are so many great Auburn memories but if I had to highlight one, it would be rolling Toomer’s Corner as a freshman when Auburn won the 2010 National Championship. I vividly remember it being extremely cold and icey that night and in my excitement running to Toomer’s Corner, I slipped on an ice patch and fell. I proceeded to get back up and continue running down College Street. War Eagle!