It’s My Job

5 Minutes With … Phillip and Margaret Forsythe

In March 1981, Margaret Long was a senior in mechanical engineering – in fact, the only female in the major to graduate that quarter. Phillip Forsythe was also a senior mechanical student. Their paths crossed in January of that year and have remained that way, ultimately leading to the creation […]

by × June 29, 2011 ×
It’s My Job: Gus Lott

It’s My Job: Gus Lott

Guss Lott, an ’01 electrical engineering and physics graduate, designs virtual reality systems for insects and rats in order to study their brains – bridging the worlds of neuroscience and engineering. ’01 Electrical Engineering, Physics ’07 Biophysics Ph.D., Cornell University Instrumentation systems engineer Howard Hughes Medical Institute’s Janelia Farm Campus […]

by × June 22, 2011 ×