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Frank Cilluffo poses on the campus of Auburn University.

5 Minutes with Frank Cilluffo

Frank Cilluffo has helped position Auburn as the new national leader in cyber research.

Jim Killian poses on the campus of Auburn University.

My Back Pages

So, this is something a little different for me — a goodbye note that’s more than a few words long.

It’s My Job

“At Morgan Stanley, I work in the Mobile Engineering team and also lead several projects.”

Nirmit Patel poses on the campus of Auburn University.

Digital bounty hunter

Nirmit Patel won’t call himself a bounty hunter. That’s too cheesy, he said. But he will accept his role in helping make Facebook safer – through bounty hunting, of course.

Distinguished Speakers

Susan Story, ’81 industrial engineering and president and CEO of American Water Works, and Walt Woltosz, ’69 aerospace engineering and founder of Words+ and Simulations Plus, were speakers this year during the spring and fall graduation ceremonies, respectively. Story has served as CEO of American Water Works – the largest publicly traded U.S. water and…

The Award Goes to…

Six outstanding alumni and ambassadors of the Samuel Ginn College of Engineering were honored in September at The Hotel at Auburn University by the Auburn Alumni Engineering Council for their distingushed professional careers. These alumni included three were recognized as Distinguished Auburn Engineers, two as Outstanding You Auburn Engineers and one of superior for Superior…

Where in the world

From Hawaii to Nigeria and everywhere in between, Auburn Engineering students come from all over, while our faculty members bring expertise from universities across the country and world. JP Prislin: Kailua, Hawaii Hari Narayanan: Kerala, India Natalie Palmquist: Jackson Hole, Wyoming Mario Eden: Genner, Denmark Zhiyuan Chen: Hangzhou, China Jason Clark: Berkeley, California John Udochi:…

Graduate leads K-12 robotics into the future

Mechanical engineering graduate Tj Nguyen is working toward his master’s degree while serving as assistant director of the newly established Southeastern Center of Robotics Education, or SCORE. Nguyen says he has a powerful ambition: to increase the abilities of Alabama schoolchildren in STEM and dramatically improve their achievement scores. The only center of its kind…

Faculty Highlights – Fall 2014

From the desk of… Joshua Batterson, assistant research professor of aerospace engineering, and his contract partners have received more than $2.5 million from NASA and the Department of Defense during the past three years to predict, model and analyze combustion instability in rockets, jet engines and scramjets. Batterson is currently working with industry and government…

Are you smarter than a freshman?

The Question: You’re in charge of a manufacturing facility and are considering upgrading a certain piece of equipment. The equipment normally operates with a power input of 100 horsepower (hp). An upgrade of the equipment would allow it to operate with a power input of 90 hp. The savings from this conversion would amount to…