Monthly archives: December, 2020

125 Years of Auburn’s X-Ray Vision

The untold story of Auburn Engineering’s pioneering role in the scientific breakthrough that changed the world.

Auburn Makes (A Difference)

How Auburn Engineering’s fight against Covid-19 inspired a new era of campus collaboration

The Award Goes To…

Eight outstanding alumni and one longtime employee of the Samuel Ginn College of Engineering were honored during a virtual ceremony Friday, Sept. 25, by the Auburn Alumni Engineering Council for their distinguished professional careers.

Faculty Highlights: Fall 2020

Bryan Beckingham, assistant professor of chemical engineering, and Lauren Beckingham, assistant professor of civil and environmental engineering, received a $331,833 grant from the National Science Foundation for a project titled “3D Printing of Reactive Porous Media to Enhance Understanding of Porosity-Permeability Evolution.” David Bevly, the Bill and Lana McNair Professor of mechanical engineering, received $443,000…

Structural Integrity

America has an infrastructure problem.

Auburn now has a $22 million solution. It’s at the corner of West Samford Avenue and Shug Jordan Parkway, it’s nearly 42,000 square feet, and it’s spectacular.

A Family Within the Auburn Family

This is what the National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE) has become for so many Black students in the Samuel Ginn College of Engineering.

A New Era of Spaceflight

It’s no surprise that many Auburn Engineering alumni played key roles in making the Commercial Crew Program a reality.

Be the Creed: Dremere Woods

Dremere Woods wouldn’t have made it to Auburn without “work, hard work.”

Be the Creed: Sushil Adhikari

Sushil Adhikari, Alumni Professor of biosystems engineering, is from Nepal. He’s proud of Nepal. He misses it. But in terms of providing an environment that could fuel his passion, there’s just no comparison to his home for the past 12 years. Because fuel is his passion, and when it comes to the kind Adhikari is interested in, Alabama’s needle is on full.

Be the Creed: Dwynell Piner

“We had to change up the way we did things, but it was all for the safety of our people.”